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Enfants Terribles: not just cinema


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Enfants cartel
The youngest section of the festival will once again seep into the classrooms
Enfants Terribles is one of the most characteristic sections of the FICXixón, linking to the origins of a festival dedicated exclusively to children and youth. The evolution of this film festival towards alternative and d'autour cinema didn´t break the link with youth but it exceeded the projection room and slipped into the classrooms. After regaining its essence, the most didactic of the FICxixon has became a very useful tool for the educational community of Asturias as evidenced by the nearly 118,000 students who have participated in fourteen editions. Last year, the program had about 10,000 students from 83 schools of thirty cities in Asturias.


As usual it will be the young audience who decide with their votes which movie will win the award. In the 15th edition of Enfants Terribles will compete thirteen movies from France, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, United Kingdom and the United State. They are all premieres in our country. Taking place in the Laboral and Jovellanos Teather, this section presents a rich variety of productions that show issues such as violence, bullying, racial and social diversity, early pregnancy, the influence of drugs on behavior or the recovery of the love of nature. And all will be screened in original version with subtitles in Spanish.

Among the proposals contained in this section of the 49th edition there are some highlights like the film directed by Peter Dodd, animator of The Corpse Bride or The Tale of Despereaux. Freddy Frogface puts the focus on bullying and bad consequences of foul play, the Danish director draws the relationship between a school bully and his victim.

The thriller On the Ice, by Inuit director Okpeaha Andrew Maclean, won two awards at the recent Berlinale. With a dance background, Carmen Marron films the racial diversity and the struggle to achieve personal dreams in Go for it!. From the United States also comes Five Time Champion, by Bernt Mader, presented at Sundance with public and critical success.

The British production Submarine, by Richard Ayoade, shows a bold blend of humor and drama with a great soundtrack by Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys.

The award-winning director Delphine Gleize presents in Gijón La permission de minuit, a portrait of the life of a teenager with a genetic illness that causes sun allergy, with Vincent Lindon giving the alternative to the young protagonist.

The French sisters Delphine and Muriel Coulin present 17 filles; a drama based on a true story that happened in a Boston high school where 17 students agreed to get pregnant at the same time. A film that participated in the lastest Semaine de la Critique in Cannes, is produced by Denis Freyd, a regular contributor of Dardenne. Also among girls, No et moi by Zabou Breitman, the story of the strange couple formed by a gifted 13 year-old and a 19 year-old homeless girl.

Two French film makers also sign environmentalist titles. A pas de loup, by Olivier Ringer, comes with the success at Montreal (it won two Special Jury Prizes and the Young Jury's) and at Zlín (Czech Republic). In this tale of assertiveness, the director points out the need of caring in childhood and the value of nature. Meanwhile, Oliver Horlait, interweaves in Nicostratos le pelican the first summer love and the breeding of a pelican with the great Emir Kusturica in front of the camera.

Pablo Diablo: The Movie (Horrid Henry: The Movie) is the adaptation of the hit British children's book series created by Francesc Simon, published in Spain by El Barco de Vapor. British Nick Moore directs a cast led by Anjelica Huston and Richard E. Grant in the film version of the strange alliance between the redoubtable Paul and his perfect enemies against an evil school principal.

One of the strong bets of Enfants Terribles is animation. In this edition there will be three titles in the competition. In addition to the aforementioned Freddy Frogface, Spanish cinema will be represented by Daddy I'm a zombie. Ricardo Ramon and Joan Espinach portray a Gothic teenager living in a funeral home that one day becomes a zomby, with a goal in her life-death: to fight against evil.

The competition is completed by a Franco-German co-production: The Sandman and the Lost Sand of Dreams, by Sinem Sakaoglu and Jesper Müller. A traditionally animated film with fantastic adventures on the world of childhood dreams.


As in previous editions, the Laboral Theatre will host meetings with the directors, bringing students together with the filmmaker of the film they just saw. In this 49th edition eight appointments are scheduled, an unmissable meeting between the filmmakers and the younger viewers of the festival, in which to exchange questions, ideas and suggestions. These are the directors that will participate:

  • Peter Dodd. Animator of The Corpse Bride and The Tale of Despereaux. This Danish director faces the bullying between children and teenagers in the animated production Freddy Frogface, in which a weak 10 year old has to face a bully who makes his life miserable.
  • Delphine Gleize. The French director, who has a César and various festival's awards, presents La permission de minuit, starring a child of the moon, who has no choice but to confront the problems inherent with adolescence inside special suits that seem straight out of a science fiction film so that the sun doesn't damage his skin.
  • Andre Okpeaha MacLean. The director comes to Gijón to present On the Ice after winning the Cristal Bear and the best film award in Berlin, and good reviews in Sundance. Okpeaha crosses the Eskimos' ancestral rites with the everyday life of a couple of teenagers from Alaska after a terrible accident that will test their future and their friendship.
  • Olivier Ringer. The Belgian director competes with his latest film, A pas de loup, that left a mark in other youth film festivals. This film tells the story of the little Cathy, who feels invisible to their parents and decides to escape to live more harmoniously with animals and plants in a forest.
  • Delphine Coulin. Following the success of their first short films in the festival circuit, the Coulin sisters chose a real disturbing case for their first feature film: 17 teenagers, classmates in Boston, who decide to get pregnant at the same time. In Gijón Delphine Coulin will talk to the Enfants Terribles public about the utopian dream in 17 filles.
  • Ricardo Ramon. Daddy I am a zombie is the debut as a director of a Spanish animator with extensive experience in the genre. Titles like Dragon Hill or Goomer endorse a career where also The Thief of Dreams, nominated for a Goya, stands out.
  • Sinem Sakaoglu. Turkish-American director, will defend in the Meetings her first feature film, The Sandman and the Lost Sand of Dreams, co-directed with the Danish Jesper Moller, a veteran in animation with titles like Help, I'm a fish, Asterix and the Vikings and The Magic Sword. This story starring puppets explores the universal myth of man who looks after the sleeping children, with the theft of oniric material and a small hero to the rescue.
  • Berndt Mader. The American director focuses on a story that tries to change prejudices in his first feature film, Five time champion. Away from science fiction products such as the Australian series Wicked Science, this film shows a teenage scientist to whom social relations seem like impossible enigmas.


FICXixón and LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Centre continue the collaboration started last year with the Enfants Terribles Workshops to develop filMO, the Pocket Film Festival, in our most creative space. With the title Re-make / Re-Model, this year's edition includes several lines of work, like Minuto Secuencia which focuses on the legacy of the Lumière Brothers.

The intention of filMO is to encourage audiovisual creation among young people with phones, cameras, game consoles, tablets, mp5 ... And all through the understanding and analysis of cinema. The children and teenagers will go from being mere spectators to live the audiovisual world from within, through reflection, games and participation to, ultimately, build their own film using their own devices, thus reaching the esence, i.e. (pocket) cinema.

The workshops, lead by the artcolective Espacio de Creación y Didáctica, received last year about 600 students and they adapt their work to each age group. Students will find an exhibition space with images, texts, documents and games for each film in the section, taking into account the plot, characters and the narrative language of each production. This territory will be increased with the work of the students.


Another of the most didactic spaces of FICXixón in collaboration with the Technological City Valnalón is an entrepreneurship activity aimed at students of second cycle of ESO, university and vocational training. This program includes talks by film professionals, multimedia production and publishing of journal. The project will accompany the films Five time champion and La permission de minuit.


The festival will offer a Digital Teaching Guide that provides teaching clues about the films in Enfants Terribles, as well as complementary activities for school children. This publication aims to stimulate discussion in the classroom, as well as a greater involvement and participation of the students in the screenings, promoting their critical spirit. It will be available at


The price of Enfants Terribles tickets for students in Gijón is 3 euros, including transport, thanks to the collaboration of the Conseyu de la Mocedá. For students who come from other cities of Asturias, the ticket price will be 1,50 euros.