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Spain is different… and Gijón is no exception!


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When it comes to enjoying a drink or a night out, local idiosyncrasies can often be confusing. In Spain, in general, you can get a drink in cafés and even pastry shops, in addition, of course, to restaurants, bars, pubs and discos. And in Gijón, in particular, you can also enjoy the local cider in a cider tavern, which is worth a blog all of its own. The nightlife also goes on well into the early hours, especially on weekends.
Having a beer, a glass of wine, a short or even a long drink, especially in good company, is not a rushed affair here. You can take your time, read a paper (or two) compliments of the house, enjoy a chat with the locals or friends, have an accompanying snack or pincho so what you are downing doesn't go to your head… and not have to pay for it all until it is time to leave. Don't worry, the bar or waiting staff will keep tally, just in case you don't!
Opening hours are pretty flexible, too, with most cafés and café bars staying open fairly late. But if what you are looking for is some nightlife, then you'll need to head for one of the numerous "pubs" or "music bars" to be found in the city, where you can enjoy a tipple to the sound of music, though probably not Julie Andrews! You can even try out your dance steps in some establishments, especially those in the "Fomento" area near the marina and Poniente Beach, while the "pubs" in the old quarter of Cimavilla offer a wide range of sounds to suit all tastes.
A word of warning, though, regarding drinks.
Especially if you are a Brit, you'll be used to single or maybe even double shots in your long drinks. Here, calculate you'll be getting more than a double, or even a triple shot, poured at the barman or barmaid's discretion. So take your time… chill out and enjoy yourself at a different, relaxed pace… Gijón nightlife pace rules, ok!
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