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It is unquestionable that the lovers of this sport practise a highly specific form of tourism that clearly focuses on those places where the offer is both adequate and attractive. Some places of the country are renowned due to this aspect but, very few people know that the offer in the North is actually both pleasurable and complete.
Asturias in general and Gijón in particular are veritable paradises for golfers, as they have the possibility of stepping out onto four different courses barely 10 kilometres from one another, and the number rises up to 13 courses if you are willing to drive between half an hour and an hour around the region.

There are private and municipal courses, courses within the city or in the outskirts, courses with between 9 and 18 holes. The oldest course is Castiello Royal Golf Club, founded in 1958. It is a private club with 550 members, who are nowadays its owners. You can play without being a member for between 60 and 80 Euros depending on the time of year. It is located in the country parish of the same name, just 5 kilometres outside the city in a spot with privileged views. Its complementary facilities are splendid in character, such as its lounge with fireplace and its games room. It also has a room for storing your clubs and a practice range, as well as two outdoor swimming pools. Its best holes are hole 2, a par 4 of 372 metres, and hole 6, a par 5 of 454 metres.

The next 18-hole regulation course is the country's first municipally owned and managed course, La Llorea, created by Gijón City Council in 1995. It has 2,000 members, who, together with sporadic players, meant a grand total of 40,000 sports services provided in 2010, many of these in the 33 tournaments that have been held during this period. All this made the practice of this sport truly popular now.

The third option within the borough of Gijon is El Tragamón, located two kilometres outside town. It is a 9-hole course that boasts of a magnificent practice range. It is publicly owned and is considered one of Spain's most difficult courses, which is an added attraction for lovers of this sport. As a course, it could be called semi-rustic, as it allows views of woods and the urban area, the Laboral complex and up-market housing estates.

The people of Gijón practise a lot of sports, and golf can be considered one of their "weaknesses", being practised in the majority of cases from a recreational point of view and to keep fit. The age for starting to practise this sport has decreased in recent years due to the existence of golf schools on the different courses. For example, the head coach at the latest course to join the list of golfing options, Deva Golf Pitch and Putt, is an American PGA professional golfer who has developed his own teaching philosophy, which he puts into practice via "The Five Fundamentals of Modern Golf". The Deva course is modern designed and constitutes a reference within its class throughout the Bay of Biscay area. It enables users to enjoy golf in a short period of time thanks to a studied design of the holes, which range between 40 and 120 metres long. These distances are ideal for improving your handicap, requiring both skill and technique. During the present year, you can get a non-member Green Fee for only €16.50.

Gijón City Council's aim regarding these two municipal courses has been to make this sport popular and to foster its practice from childhood onward. All income from managing the courses has been reinvested in the courses, a practice that has led to top-class facilities.

The major advantage of Gijón's golf courses is their naturalness. The Atlantic climate provides sufficient rain for them to have an impeccable appearance, offering veritable carpets of deep green hues. Nothing is forced in character here, as they are located in natural settings among leafy woods and in secluded spots that will allow golfers to enjoy themselves doubly, as the pleasure of making the hole combines with the wonderful views they'll see as their look up after picking up the ball.

Don't hesitate! Get your spikes and gloves and step out onto Gijón's greens! It will be a pleasant surprise.
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