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Traverse Gijón's parks and take a rest from asphalt!


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San Lorenzo Cape Park, Pericones, Isabel la Católica... there are over 50 parks in Gijón you can enjoy.
The large network of parks and gardens present in our city provides us with a great cultural, historic and artistic value. These spaces are an important part of a city's wealth due to their green areas, but they are also a living element of their historic and cultural past. Gijón has been able to maintain its idiosyncrasy thanks to different symbol that define the city: the Elogio del Horizonte (Ode to the Horizon), the Madre del Emigrante (the Migrant's Mother) and Torre de la Memoria ( the Tower of Remembrance), among others.

Green spaces to walk, sports and games areas... These communication spaces between the city and its non-urban environment manage to make everyone that visits them smile, because they are great leisure spots. Moreover, for the last couple of years their equipments and services have been adapted for all ages, from children to the elderly. Everyone has their own space at Gijón's parks.

Visit your favourite park and enjoy Nature without stepping out of the city!