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A new way of moving around Gijón


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bici tucycle
Tucycle is a pioneering system in Spain. It is a dockless bike-sharing system spread over the city, which allows users to take a bike in one place and leave it in a different one.
For its initial test, there are 150 bicycles and 44 parking stations available around Gijón.
Tucycle was established in Gijón as a result from the union between the companies Eco-lógica Asturias and Izertis Soluciones Tecnológicas. It is supported by Impulsa Empresas, the local Department for Companies in Gijón which helps entrepreneurs in making citizens’ lives easier and transforming Gijón in one of the top smart cities.
How to use Tucycle system:
  1. Download the app onto your Android phone or Iphone. Add money to your account. The cost of the service is 0.50€/half an hour, maximum 2 hours.
  2. The app shows your nearest Tudock station where you can find bicycles available, and books one for you for 10 minutes.
  3. Once you get to the bike, scan the QR code on the back of the saddle.
  4. Unlock the bike and start your ride.
  5. Don’t forget to lock your bike when you take a break from the ride, it will be safe until you get on with your trip.
  6. Once you complete your trip, park the bike in a TuDock station and lock it.
  7. Pay only for the exact time you use Tucycle.

We are discovering a new type of mobility available for everyone. It is a project based on technology and design that tries to promote environmental and health care.