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    Visit Gijón

    • Xixón “tips” (III): About the climate and the beach

      •It does not rain all the time; and when it does, we do not stay at home. •Nonetheless, we always keep an eye on the weather apps. •Don’t be...
    • Xixón “tips” (II): In “chigres” (cider taverns) & “de folixa” (partying)

      A chigre is to Asturians what a pub is to the Irish. Make the most of your visit to mingle with the locals in cider bars, tapas bars and...
    • Xixón “tips” (I): As regards the way we speak

      Asturias has its own language, llingua asturiana or asturianu (Asturian). We use many Asturian words when we speak Spanish which form part of the...
    • Five reasons to hate Gijón

        If you prefer tarmac to greenery in all circumstances and parks, gardens and country paths produce a strange, gut-reaction of rejection...
    • Tsunami Xixón

      Breaking news! A huge wave of punk, indie and psychedelic rock will hit the shores of Gijón this summer… Tsunami Xixón. The festival, which...

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