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Kitchen recipes

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  • Rice with clams II

    Rice with clams II


    (Votes count 425)

    (Rating average 2,99)

    No doubt, one of the most demanded rice dishes of Gijon’s cuisine, where some good clams make this rice dish a delicious treat.
  • Sea bream with noodles

    Sea bream with noodles


    (Votes count 437)

    (Rating average 2,98)

    Sea bream gave rise to a specialty exclusively from Gijón, sea bream with noodles, today, without knowing why, has fallen into disuse. Some attribute it to Cimadevilla, traditional fishing district, perhaps because in the areas of Cuesta'l Cholo and the Whale certain establishments have worked with it until recent years.
  • Fish stew

    Fish stew


    (Votes count 413)

    (Rating average 3,06)

    Gijón has been a long- standing seafood market : lobsters and spiny lobsters, barnacles, clams, shrimps, velvet crabs, crayfish, spiny crabs or common crabs, among other species that make your mouth water, used to be found and still are at fish hatcheries, fish shops, counters, bars and tables.
  • Black sea bream in cider II

    Black sea bream in cider II


    (Votes count 404)

    (Rating average 3,01)

    A classic dish in many Gijón restaurants , where the traditional Asturian drink is used as a base for the sauce that accompanies this Cantabrian fish.
  • Conger with peas

    Conger with peas


    (Votes count 398)

    (Rating average 2,99)

    Combination of sea and market garden in this dish where conger combines with peas.
  • Seafood stuffed John Dory

    Seafood stuffed John Dory


    (Votes count 403)

    (Rating average 3,00)

    A dish deeply rooted in the city and with a strong presence in soups and stews celebrations.
  • Limpet stew

    Limpet stew


    (Votes count 408)

    (Rating average 3,03)

    "Les llámpares", limpets, in their many different ways of cooking can be found in the menus of Gijón cider houses and restaurants.
  • Hake with barbels and elvers (or baby eels)

    Hake with barbels and elvers (or baby eels)


    (Votes count 399)

    (Rating average 2,98)

    Delicious dish that smells of sea through and through and where the greatest difficulty lies in obtaining a handful of elvers or baby eels for its preparation.
  • Sea urchin mousse

    Sea urchin mousse


    (Votes count 385)

    (Rating average 3,00)

    Sea urchins have been consumed in the simplest form, either raw or cooked, at home and in cider houses for many years. Today, they have become raw material for more elaborate dishes.
  • Rascasse or black scorpion fish with potatoes

    Rascasse or black scorpion fish with potatoes


    (Votes count 395)

    (Rating average 2,95)

    This rock fish, common in the Cantabrian coast, is the star of this dish with potatoes.
Displaying 10 31 - 40 of 66 in total