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Kitchen recipes

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  • Monkfish with lobster

    Monkfish with lobster


    (Votes count 450)

    (Rating average 3,03)

    A fish dish with fortune and equally born in restaurant stoves is monkfish ( pixín ) with lobster or bugre , which is the term that has always been used here to refer to bogavante (lobster), the terms llocántaru and lubricante were more usual denominations throughout the rest of Asturias in years gone by, although today, most people use the term bugre.
  • Octopus with shellfish

    Octopus with shellfish


    (Votes count 421)

    (Rating average 3,05)

    In recent times, octopus with shellfish ("pulpu amariscau") has won over the heart of those who love this fruit of the sea.
  • Octopus with collard greens

    Octopus with collard greens


    (Votes count 421)

    (Rating average 3,01)

    Not as well known as Galician - style "a feira" octopus or octopus with potatoes, but not less delicious.
  • Octopus with potatoes

    Octopus with potatoes


    (Votes count 404)

    (Rating average 3,04)

    Octopus with potatoes (pulpu con patatines) is Gijón unmistakably dish, a stew in which small rock octopus (pulpín de pedréru) develops all its succulence over a low heat.
  • Scrambled eggs with sea urchins

    Scrambled eggs with sea urchins


    (Votes count 397)

    (Rating average 2,99)

    Turned today into a king of Asturian gastronomy, "oricio" (sea urchin) was in the past a product considered humble.
  • Rey (Rose Pompano) in sea urchin sauce

    Rey (Rose Pompano) in sea urchin sauce


    (Votes count 413)

    (Rating average 3,00)

    Fish accompanied by a sauce made with one of the greatest gastronomy pleasures offered by the sea, "oricios" (sea urchins).
  • Vixigona - style sardines

    Vixigona - style sardines


    (Votes count 417)

    (Rating average 2,94)

    The name of this dish seems to be taken from a cook from the traditional fishing district, Cimavilla; she used to prepare them in that way and was vixigona, which means spotted with smallpox.(vixigues = pustules).
  • Trechaes sardines

    Trechaes sardines


    (Votes count 423)

    (Rating average 2,99)

    This one is a recipe collected in Asturias in the sixties by Néstor Luján, renowned Catalonian gourmet, now deceased. He mentioned it in one of his books stating it was typical of Gijón. However, nowadays, the few people who cook trechaes sardines usually fill them with some variant of ratatouille, batter them in flour and eggs and serve them just like that.
  • Seafood soup

    Seafood soup


    (Votes count 426)

    (Rating average 3,01)

    A classic dish in our grandmothers' kitchens, which is the star of important dinner celebrations in Asturias.
  • Stewed ventrisca (belly-cut of tuna)

    Stewed ventrisca (belly-cut of tuna)


    (Votes count 420)

    (Rating average 3,06)

    Another unquestionable specialty of Gijón cuisine is the ventresca tuna (ventrisca), a summer formula that enhances the most succulent part of tuna fish and has clear origins in the fishing district of Cimavilla.
Displaying 10 41 - 50 of 66 in total