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    • Five reasons to hate Gijón

        If you prefer tarmac to greenery in all circumstances and parks, gardens and country paths produce a strange, gut-reaction of rejection...
    • Tsunami Xixón

      Breaking news! A huge wave of punk, indie and psychedelic rock will hit the shores of Gijón this summer… Tsunami Xixón. The festival, which...
    • Cool City, Cool Sounds

      Gijón is to host the 5th Gijón Sound Festival (GSF) between 31st March and 1st April. This will be fourth edition to be held in the city itself....
    • In Praise of the Humble Pilchard

      The humble European pilchard (Sardina pilchardus), the ‘poor cousin’ of the more aristocratic anchovy and the hearty herring, is known in Asturias...
    • Healthy Happy Christmas!

      For those who prefer to burn off those extra calories (before or after all that hearty eating that is the norm at this time of the year), Gijón has...

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