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The Atlantic Botanic Gardens

Avda. Jardín Botánico, 2230 – 33394 – Gijón
Lat.43.521773 Long. -5.615382º

At the Atlantic Botanic Gardens, in the area known as the Plant Factory (or more precisely, in the collection of Old World Fruit Cultivars), you can see a slection of a dozen apple culticars (Malus domestica). Eight of these are used to produce cider-making apples ("Solarina", "Collaos", "Dela Riega", "Regona", "Raxao", "Xuanina", Durona de Tresali" and "San Roqueña") while the other four produce eating apples ("Jonagold", "Reineta Balnca", "Reineta encarnada" and "Mingan").

Each of these exemplars is situated at one of the vertices of the three pyramids of the Plan Factory devoted to apples. In the centre of these, you can see the wild ancestor of these plants, the wild apple (Malus Sylvestris).

On the other hand, within the Quintana de Rionda Museum Area, an old cider house is home to a interesting exhibition on "Plan domestication" that summarizes the history of this crucial process for the development of human civilization which consisted in transplanting a number of wild plant species from their natural habitat to our vegetable gardens.

Cider apple cultivars on show at the ABG:
Malus domestica 'Solarina'
Malus domestica 'Collaos'
Malus domestica 'De la Riega'
Malus domestica 'Regona'
Malus domestica 'Raxao'
Malus domestica 'Xuanina'
Malus domestica 'Durona de Tresali'
Malus domestica 'San Roqueña'

Eating apple cultivars on show at ABG:
Malus domestica 'Jonagold'
Malus domestica 'Reineta blanca'
Malus domestica 'Reineta encarnada'
Malus domestica 'Mingan'

5.70€/adults. 2.80€/youths (6-26 years old). 2.80€/senior citizens (over- 65's). Children (under-5's) free.

Prices include VAT.