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- romano.jpgThe geographers Estrabon, Plinius and Mela coincide in citing in their writings a certain oppidum Noega, which modern-day authors do not doubt in situating on La Campa Torres hilltop. The Legio IV Macedonica arrived in Gijón attracted by the Cilúrnigos (cauldron makers) settled in Noega, a pacific people who offered no resistance to the Romans, who preferred to move to Gigia, a natural vantage point that we nowadays know as Santa Catalina Headland.

From there on commences the development of the nova civitas romana in the Flavian period, which reached great importance as a centre for commercial exchange, by sea and land routes, via the Ruta de la Plata, thus converting Gijón from that moment on into the seaport of this route.