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More than just a town

Farmhouses, hórreos, market gardens, fields and orchards.

The western and central part of the borough of Gijón.
Length: 50 kilometres.
Duration: 3-4 hours.
Starts off from: A-8 Motorway exit.
Ends up at: Montevil.


  • Tremañes Motorway Exit
  • Veriña.
  • Road to Monteana and Arcelor
  • San Andrés de los Tacones.
  • Cenero.
  • Ruedes.
  • Mareo.
  • Granda.
  • Roces.
  • Neigbourhood of Montevil
Advisable: Coche, bicicleta y cortos recorridos opcionales a pie.

The western parishes of the Municipality of Gijón are the ones that best conserve the essence of the rural world. After a few kilometres, the urban and industrial landscape is substituted by fields and orchards. The blocks of houses and flats give way to farmhouses, next to which are to be found the typically Asturian raised farm produce stores known as hórreos and paneras, alongside the market gardens. Hills and valleys, roads that wind between luxuriant vegetation, panoramic views that suddenly appear before the spectator's eyes... Another Gijón, so close, while at the same time, so far away.