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Peñafrancia pathway

Area: Eastern part of the borough
Lenght: 6 Km.
Duration: 2 hours walking.
Starts off from: La Guía/Les mestes.
Ends up at: El Güeyu Deva (source of the River Peña Francia).

  • La Guía.
  • Les Mestes.
  • La Magdalena (Castiello).
  • El Tragamón y Los Maizales.
  • Cefontes (Cabueñes).
  • La Pontica (parish of Cabueñes).
  • La Reguera (parish of Deva).
Advisable: A walk or bicycle ride.

The pathway, which starts off at the eastern end of the town, goes out into the surrounding countryside, ending up in a paradisiacal place: el Güeyu Deva (Deva's Eye), made up of a fountain, washing place and stone bridge, where the waters form a large pool. Legend has it that on certain special days of the year the xanas (Asturian wood nymphs) used to come out of the güeyu or eye that is the source of the stream, appearing at dawn on certain days, such as that of San Xuan (midsummer), to have their spells broken. It is a starting out point for a well-trodden hikers and pilgrims' route: the famous Camín or Road to Covadonga.