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Shopping precincts

Shopping centres and shopping precincts abound in the town, both in number as well as quality, the latter having been valued at a national level with an award within the National Awards for Domestic Trade.

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These precincts are open, agreeable spaces that generally coincide with one street and are conducive to taking a stroll, seeing the town and doing some opportune shopping. The streets of San Bernardo, Los Moros, Corrida, Covadonga, Menéndez Valdés, Magnus Blikstad, Langreo, Asturias and Álvarez Garaya are shopping precincts full of shops of all kinds situated right in the centre of Gijón, but also a neighbourhood like La Calzada has good services in streets like those of Brasil and the Avenida de La Argentina

Strolling around Gijón, you can see the high quality and wide range of the town´s shops in which you may find the right buy and the fitting gift. The thing is that it is understood that shopping must be quality shopping and that the whole town of Gijón is the largest Shopping Centre in Asturias.

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