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Alfonsino in a cider sauce with seaweed and king prawn oil


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This is a dish that is outstanding at the restaurant, but which you can do at home if you have a good hand for cooking, guaranteed to leave your guests speechless.


The first thing to make is the cider sauce and the squid ink sauce. These are made with the aid of glucose, which can be bought at specialized gourmet shops. Cook the cider with the glucose until achieving the desired texture. Do the same in another pan with the sachets of squid ink and a litre of water.

You can acquire the tinned seaweed for the crisp at any gourmet shop. Place the seaweed on a Sil-pat mat (a non-stick fabric for cooking) and dry at 100º C. Then fry in very hot oil. So that the seaweed is not greasy, it is a good idea to place it on kitchen paper towel after frying.

Open the clams by cooking gently and make potato-clam ravioli with finely-sliced pre-poached potatoes. For the bed for the alfonsino, sauté the onion in equal amounts of butter and olive oil and add the chopped king prawns. Season with salt and pepper and set aside.

Clean the alfonsino and remove the bones, sear on the griddle and cook with a Roner at 50º C. The Roner is a thermostat used by restaurants that allows vacuum-packed produce to be cooked in bain-marie while controlling the temperature at all times. Logically, if you dont have one, you can cook it on low heat in a pan.

Present the alfonsino, skin side up, on the bed of onion and king prawns, and decorated with the seaweed crisp. Decorate the plate with cider sauce and squid ink sauce, placing the ravioli on one side.

Where to try it

This is a dish that remained on the menu of the creative restaurant Gallery Art and Food for a long time, something only achieved by those dishes which are a great success among its clientele.
Alfonsino in a cider sauce with seaweed and king prawn oil
  • 1 alfonsino
  • For the cider sauce:
  • 1 l. cider
  • 100 gr. glucose
  • For the king prawn oil:
  • Shellfish concentrate
  • Oil
  • For the potato-clam ravioli:
  • 1 potato
  • 4 clams
  • For the squid ink sauce:
  • 1 l. water
  • 100 gr. glucose
  • 4 sachets squid ink
  • Salt
  • For the seaweed crisp:
  • 1 tin of sea spaghetti