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Grilled venison loin with berries


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Although Asturias looks onto the sea, its green meadows and high mountains permit the presence of succulent meats on our tables.

here are still plenty of cows, although their number is progressively diminishing. But there are still hundreds of sheep and goats to be found in the valleys, as well as wild boar and deer in the mountains.


Start by coating the loin of venison with oil, pepper and salt and leaving it at room temperature for a few hours so that it becomes well impregnated with this seasoning.

After this time, place the meat on the grill when the charcoal is incandescent the hotter the better and turn it over as often as necessary until it is browned, even slightly charred on the outside. However, when pressed, the inside should always give a little (although it is not recommendable to cut the piece of meat, when in doubt, open it up and see if the inside is red and juicy, which will indicate that it is hot).

This will be the moment to take the venison off the grill and slice it into not very thick fillets. A suggestion is to accompany the dish with a forest inspired purée, such as one made with hazelnuts, which is easy to make. Mix puréed potatoes with ground hazelnuts, cream and a few sprigs of dill. You only need to heat it, season with salt and pepper and voilá, you have your hazelnut purée.

Place the hazelnut purée on one side of the serving dish. Place the veal fillets next to the purée and flavour with extra virgin olive oil. On the other side of the serving dish, place some blackberry jam, which will add colour and is an excellent accompaniment to the meat.

Where to try it

At the restaurant El Suave, they have yet to meet their match at the grill, and if you like your meat, you will thoroughly enjoy this dish there.
Grilled venison loin with berries
  • 800 gr. venison loin (or leg of venison, if you can’t get loin)
  • 100 gr. ground hazelnuts
  • 300 gr. potato purée
  • 1 dl. whipping cream
  • 100 gr. blackberry jam
  • Virgin olive oil
  • Ground white pepper
  • Dill
  • Salt
Category Meats