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King Pelayo's Torte


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Created in 2000, this torte is a reference to the region and its history. Its semi-spherical shape symbolizes the Asturian peaks and the apple slices, the rocks and crags. It is a homage to the hero of the Reconquest, to the fighting spirit of the people of this land.


Two tortes can be made from the amounts given above, so the recipe is for eight servings. To make the biscuit glace, you will need a syrup made from seventy-five grams of sugar and fifty grams of water, cooked for a minute and a half at 115º C. Meanwhile, whip an egg white and two yolks together and then add the syrup when it is ready. Continue whipping the mixture until it cools. Set aside.

To make the mousses with which you will finally fill the bowl, the Cabrales cheese needs to be diluted with half a tablespoon of cream until obtaining the texture of a cream, without any lumps. Dilute the powdered gelatine with thirty grams of water to which you then add the cheese cream and stir. To finish, add five hundred grams of semi-whipped cream without sugar. Stir and make sure it is well mixed and then set aside.

Now you can make the apple purée by baking three medium-sized apples and then puréeing them with an electric blender Also, slice the nicest-looking apple you have (without baking it) and cook the slices in a little syrup. The moment the syrup starts to boil, remove the pan from the heat and cover for thirty seconds for the apple to go soggy. Set aside. Mix the gelatine and castor sugar with a whisk. To blend it, add the apple purée, the semi-whipped cream without sugar and the meringue, mixing all the ingredients very gently. You should obtain a smooth, lump-free mousse.

It now only remains to assemble the torte. To do so, grease the semi-spherical mould with butter and castor sugar so that the torte will come out of the mould easily. Also, this dessert has a centimetre-thick layer of chocolate sponge cake between the other layers, which can be made in the traditional way. First, place the slices of apples close together, then a two-centimetre-thick layer of cheese mousse right up to the edge of the bowl.

Next, add a layer of apple mousse until halfway up the mould and then a smaller, twelve-centimetre-layer of chocolate sponge cake. Continue with the apple mousse until a centimetre below the edge of the mould and finish with cheese mousse, closing the dessert with the chocolate sponge cake, which will act as the top now and the base when it is taken out of the mould.

Where to try it

This very original dessert is made with great skill at La Fé de Salvador.
King Pelayo's Torte
  • For the biscuit glace:
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1 egg
  • 150 gr. sugar
  • For the cream of Cabrales blue cheese:
  • 50 gr. Cabrales cheese
  • Half a tablespoon of cream
  • For the apple cream:
  • 300 gr. apple purée
  • 150 gr. meringue
  • 200 gr. cream
  • 100 gr. powdered gelatine
  • 75 gr. Castor sugar (powdered)
Category Desserts