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Casa Ataúlfo

Casa Ataulfo
Adrress Cabrales, 29. 33201. Gijón. GijónAsturias
Telephone + 34 985 340 787


This cider bar is so appealing after undergoing refurbishing! If you like the produce of the sea, here you will find the biggest and most flavoursome specimens. Before you parade a display of lobsters, spider crabs, goose-neck barnacles, sea bass, sea bream and any other produce that comes from the sea. It is a truly enjoyable establishment, in which visitors will have a great time, because it is bursting with authenticity. It is one of the favourite cider taverns of the locals, and that is saying a lot! Dont be afraid to ask the price of things, as nearly everything is sold by weight; that way you will avoid surprises on the bill.

Typical dishes

  • Crab pâté loaf.
  • Lobster rice.
  • Bay of Biscay fish.