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El Planeta

el planeta
Adrress Tránsito de las Ballenas, 4. 33201. Gijón. GijónAsturias
Telephone + 34 985 350 056


Unbeatably situated on Gijóns most famous cuesta (slope), where young people gather en masse to catch a ray of sunlight. This two-floor cider tavern has excellent views from the upstairs dining room. Here you can enjoy pilchards, fresh anchovies and, in general, everything that comes out of the sea. But if there is a season when you must pay a visit, that is in summer, because you will really enjoy the ventrisca and the potera squid, seasonal produce that indisputably occupies centre stage.

Typical dishes

  • Octopus done in the Galician style.
  • Mixed grilled fish.
  • Ventrisca de bonito.


Monday (except in the summer).