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Torre de los Jove-Hevia y Capilla de San Lorenzo

Torre de los Jove-Hevia y Capilla de San Lorenzo
Adrress C/Cabrales, 4 GijónAsturias


Jove-Hevia Tower and St Lawrence’s Chapel

Consisting of a chapel and tower behind which stands another building intended for use as a residence, this set of Baroque buildings was built in the late 17th century as part of the Baroque urban expansion of the neighbourhood of Cimavilla (the high town) towards the old neighbourhood of Bajovilla (the low town), which began to be settled in the 16th century.

Built in 1668, St Lawrence’s Chapel is reminiscent of the Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe, featuring a semi-circular arched façade topped by a curved broken pediment and a belfry decorated with balls and pinnacles.

The square tower, with a crenellated top, emulates medieval buildings and employs ashlar as a decorative element in addition to Baroque mouldings reminiscent of lugged architraves.

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