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Exhibition: Sleep in Antiquity and the Sculpture of God Somnus in the Roman Villa of El Ruedo (Almedinilla-Córdoba)

From to
the event will take place everyday From 26 of March to June 30, 2013
Parque Arqueológico-Natural de la Campa Torres (Archaeology-Nature Park in Campa Torres)
From 26 March to 30 June, 2013

Opening and Lecture, 26 March.
Lord of all gods and all men, as Homer defined him in his Iliad, Somnus or Hypnos, Sleep, was an intermediary between gods and humans, communicating to them the messages of those and one of its tasks being the transfer of souls from life to death, as if it were a dream.

Around the exceptional Roman bronze sculpture depicting Somnus, found in the Roman villa of El Ruedo (Almedinilla-Córdoba), the archaeological museums of Gijón have programmed a simple but interesting exhibition on this subject, in collaboration with the Museo Histórico de Almedinilla-Ecomuseo del Río Caicena (Almedinilla Historical Museum-Caicena River Eco-museum), which will be open between 26 March and 30 June, 2013.

The exhibition, curated by Ignacio Muñiz Jaen, director of the Almedinilla Historical Museum- Caicena River Eco-Museum, consists of a series of explanatory panels about the sculptural piece (its restoration at the Instituto Andaluz de Patrimonio Histórico -the Andalusian Historical Heritage Institute, its archaeological context and meaning), the full-size replica of the piece (as well as another reproduction of a sculpture of Somnus by the British Museum), original pieces of a possible votive yard, and a video addressing the different relationships between sleep, medicine, divination and death.

On 26 March the exhibition will open with a lecture by Ignacio Muñiz Jaén, Director of the Almedinilla Historical Museum- Caicena River Eco-Museum, under the title: ‘Sleep in Antiquity and the Statue of God Somnus from the Roman villa of El Ruedo (Almedinilla-Córdoba)’
Organizador Ayuntamiento de Almedinilla (Córdoba), FMCE y UP en coordinación con Museos Arqueológicos de Gijón

Parque Arqueológico-Natural de la Campa Torres

Campa Torres - Vista general
Adrress GijónAsturias
Telephone 985 185 234