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2nd Patronato Deportivo Municipal´s Photography Contest


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The Sports Department of Gijón's Town Council celebrates a sport photo contest because of the celebration of the IFSC Sport Climbing World Championships 2014.
Participation general terms:

FIRST. The Sports Department of Gijón's Town Council celebrates a sport photo contest because of the celebration of the IFSC Sport Climbing World Championships 2014, where all people with more than 16 years old can submit by compromising themselves to the compliment of these rules. For professional and amateur national photographers.

SECOND. Photos must be the originals and must be related with any of the sports modalities included in the Spanish Federation of Mountain and Climbing Sports, and done inside the Spanish territory. Photos that don't fit with the contest theme will be disqualified.

THIRD. Each contestant can only submit 2 works as maximum that could be in black&white or colour, and can be done by an analogue or digital camera. Compositions or manual or electronic hampered photos won't be admitted.

FOURTH. Photos will have the following size: -minimum: 20X30 or 30X40.
Photos must be glued to a rigid support in foam with a thickness of 3 mm. Each photo must submit its title and indicate the date and the place it was taken. Beside this, each photo must be submitted with its negatives with a minimum resolution of 300 points per inch (in case of digital negatives).

FIFTH Each contestant will submit all their works in a closed envelope indicating Concurso de Fotografía Deportiva "Gijón Deporte" and:
1. Document with personal and contact data ( first name, surname, DNI or passport, e-mail address and telephone number)
2. Document with a relation of the works submitted and their titles
3. Solemn declaration where it appears that the author has not been awarded with those photos

SIXTH. Works could be submitted, until 14:00 hours of the 15th of August 2014 through two ways:
• In person, at the Registry of the Patronato Deportivo Municipal de Gijón (Centro Municipal de El Coto, Plaza de la República, s/n. 33204 Gijón).
• By certified post mail to the following adress: Registro del Patronato Deportivo Municipal de Gijón; Centro Municipal de El Coto, Plaza de la República, s/n. 33204 Gijón. For admission effects, the date of the photo sending will be counted. The participant must justify the date of sent with fax.

SEVENTH. Works established by the Jury, as maximum 30, will be shown to the public at the Palacio de Deportes during the celebration of the IFSC Sport Climbing World Championships Gijón 2014, that will take place from the 8th to the 14th of September.

Conditions agreed by contestants: Contestants give to the Sports Department the use of their photos for the promotion of the own contest. The copyright correspond to the author i all moments. Participants will be responsable of the nonexistence of rights for thirds and all reclamation for image rights.

Return of the works: Awarded works will remain in the possession of the Sports Department, giving away the property and legal aspects of the photos that will have right to its reproduction or publication.

Not awarded works could be collected in person by their authors, with a previous request in a delay of 30 days once the exposure is finished; the person who collects this works must be properly identified. Works not collected will remain in the hands of the Sports Department, under the same conditions as the awarded ones. The Organizing Committee is not responsible of the preservation of the non collected photos.

Loss or damage of the works: The Organizing Committee will care about the good condition of the works, but is not responsible of the possible damages, thefts or loss that can happen all over the contest and exposure of the photos.

Awards: Awards will be given in public, in an act whose date and development conditions will be informed in good time before at the website of Gijón's Town Council.

1st prize: 600 euros, trophy and diploma
2nd prize: 450 euros, trophy and diploma
3rd prize: 250 euros, trophy and diploma

Any contestant can be awarded with two photos. Money prizes will have all pertinent withholding taxes. Prizes could be called deserts.

Jury: It will be chaired by the Council of Sports, the Technical Secretary of the Sports Department and the Director of the PDM, plus other 4 people, a professional photographer, a sports journalists and two athletes.

Bases Acceptation: Participation supposes the acceptation of these bases and the decision of the Jury, that will be irrevocable. Jury is authorized to solve any other contingencies not previewed at the bases.