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Laboral, five years of culture and much more


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The comings and goings of students, a meeting point and convention centre, one of the places most visited by tourists, a large television sound stage, a succession of shows and new artistic proposals... Laboral, City of Culture is the result of a transformation project started in 2001 to bring the building of Gijón's former Universidad Laboral back to life.

The country's largest building is hosts concerts, theatrical productions and meetings, in addition to receiving thousands of visitors each year. The project first saw the light ofday in March 2007: Laboral, City of Culture came into being, an open, plural, cultural city for the 21st century in which there is room for all kinds of entertainment and leisure proposals.

Laboral is a melting pot of thinking minds, creative brains, clever scriptwriters, researchers and managers. With so much available space, more and more activities are constantly on offer. Each month brings a succession of new initiatives, opening nights atits newly refurbished theatre with seating for fifteen hundred, as well as unique concerts, all making for top-class programming on a par with that of the country's most important venues. All this is complemented by educational workshops in poetry, magic, television dubbing, astronomy, dance and cooking.

However, Laboral is much more than that, because, above all, it is worth visiting, affording those who do so a pleasant surprise. Visitors are amazed when they pass through its main gate. They stand stock-still below its glass vault, their mouths agape onseeing its magnificent Corinthian courtyard, and continue to be astounded by the church, which boasts the largest oval dome in Europe.

The Laboral tower is considered one of the best scenic balconies in the city. Ascending its 130 metres provides you with a panoramic view that embraces San Lorenzo Beach, the Molinón football stadium, the Botanical Gardens and the residential area of Somió, while making you realize that green is the municipality's predominant colour.


Within this magnificent complex, LABoral Art Centre is now five years old and is celebrating this anniversary with a good number of exhibitions, workshops, concerts, video games and visual and sound experiments. Its halls and exhibitions break moulds and ,formats, attracting artists and curators from all over the planet. LABoral is a multidisciplinary institution that produces, disseminates and promotes access to the new cultural forms arising from the creative use of information and communication technologies (ICTs). Its across-the-board, integrated programming is aimed at all audiences and has the ultimate goal of generating and sharing knowledge.