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VII First Cider of the Year


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sidracrucis 2016
From the 24th to 27th of March we celebrate the VII First Cider of the Year, the biggest espicha of the country and undoubtedly the most expected one, the one that opnes the Asturian cider season, an especially promising one, in which we taste the new cider.
During the four last days of Easter, in the unsurpassable frame of the Museum of the Asturian Village, in Xixón, the First Cider of the Year offers the chance to enjoy the best representation of the new cider with the presence of the most Asturian cider mills. This is added to the great cultural offer available with exhibitions, workshops, guided tastings, live cooking, country music and dance, tonada singing, bowling, apple smashing, games for children... a whole set of activities aimed for this days to meke them a first reference while maintaining the spirit and environment of the traditional popular drinking meetings.

Like the previous years we will have the Sample of Tonada, the Home Made Cider Contest made in wood, traditional sports like frog, key, other games for children, barrel making exhibition by Argüelles Brothers, the cider pouring classes. And even whe are out of season, to give protagonism to the youngest ones we will do some apple smashing, well, the kids will do it themselves.

Likewise there will be tastings of the ciders awarded in the SISGA'15, we will have sparkling cider, alcohol-free cider and apple juice as well as an interesting representation of international ciders. In compound, a large set of activities generated around cider that one way or the other are expressions of the Asturian cider culture.