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Five reasons to hate Gijón


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If you prefer tarmac to greenery in all circumstances and parks, gardens and country paths produce a strange, gut-reaction of rejection in you because you are a militant urbanite and allergic to pollen, then Gijón/Xixón is definitely not your city… do not come here, flee this city!
If you have an ascetic soul, you adore diets and despise the pleasures of fine eating, imaginative cuisine, good cake and pastry shops and cider, Gijón will seem an abominable place for you, where you'll think you'll get fat without being able to stop yourself.

Not to mention if you are afraid the salt of the Bay of Biscay will push up your blood pressure, if you are too lazy to wipe sand off your feet or if you have sworn never to let the water pass your ankles since you saw "Jaws".You'll hate this Gijon full of beaches of all sizes, some of which are located virtually in the very heart of the city.You'll abhor this maritime Gijón which –how awful!– even has an aquarium, a seawater spa and a marina.

If stones bore you to death and the only history you are interested in is what the newspapers have to say about what happened yesterday, don't even think of coming to this town with a history that goes back two thousand years, archaeological sites of all types and stones that whisper to you on each step you take. You only have to follow their trail and listen to what they have to tell.

Besides, it would probably be foolish for you to come to Gijón/Xixón if you feel that your legs are extensions that serve only to step on the pedals of the car or you deeply believe that any amount of sporting activity, no matter how little, is very bad for your health.Don't come to Gijon because it is European City of Sport 2016 #GijónEUsport16 and it is full of bike lanes, footpaths and bicycle paths, swimming pools, sports facilities, public areas to run and municipal golf courses. Not to forget El Molinón, the oldest football pitch in Spain, where Real Sporting de Gijón plays. If sport makes you feel tired by just thinking about it, do not come to Gijón!

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