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Exceptional September for Gijón/Xixón


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The city has achieved the best September tourism data in her history, as a leader and reference in growth in the north of Spain and as a driving force in the Principality of Asturias.

Hospitality turnover has reached 3.8 million Euros in September, a 9.5% increase from 2016.

Gijón/Xixón grew 7% in the number of tourists in the first 9 months of the year when compared to 2016
According to the official data published by the INE the total number of tourists lodged in hotel establishments in Gijón/Xixón during September has been 44,875 with an average stay of 2.2 nights, which represents a total of 97,950 overnight stays. The differences detected between the numbers of hotel spaces available in the city, continually updated by Divertia, and the number used by the INE to make their estimation make it advisable to compare them with 2014, 2015 and 2016 taking as a reference the updated directory of establishments and available spaces for each year. By adjusting the number of tourists and overnight stays to the number of hotel spaces available in the city in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 you can see that the number of tourists housed in September has grown +10.4% when compared to last year and reached 44,975, a significantly better result than the best that has been observed both for Asturias and for the group of the main cities in the Green Spain.

Gijón/Xixón is the city with the highest growth (+10,4%) in the whole North of Spain, tripling the average increase ( +3.6%) and passing Santander (+9.5%) and San Sebastián (+8.5%).

The increase in the number of weekend tourists has grown +22.1% while the number of foreign tourists has established a new historic record for September because it has reached 7,224 travelers, a +19.0% increase compared to last year's same month.

Regarding the number of overnight stays, the total number in September has reached 96,819 and the best figure since there is official data, with an increase of +12.3% when compared to last year, a growth mainly due to the good behavior of the national market (+12.4%) and the international market (+11.7%), especially during the weekends (+25.2%).

Gijón/Xixón is the city in Green Spain that that has grown the most regarding the number of overnight stays (+12.3% compared to an average of +3.4%). Gijón/Xixón has thus been the tourism driving force in Asturias during the month of September since by increasing its numbers compared to the previous year in 4,239 tourists and 10,579 overnight stays, it compensates the loss of 1,489 tourists and 1,160 stays experienced in the rest of the region.

The occupancy rate, registered in September, has reached the 66.8% so it has grown +11.4% in comparison to last year and is the highest registered in the city for September ever since we have official data; the number has increased to 75.9% during the weekends and it has grown +15.1% while the occupancy rate for the rest of the week was 62.2% (+8.4%).

Regarding the Average Daily Rate (ADR), it has hit the 67.94 Euros (a +7.2% increase compared with 2016) while the profitability of the establishments ( the revenue per available room or RevPAR) is 49.52 Euros, a +11.0% more than 2016.

In September, the hospitality sector turnover was 3.8 million Euros so it's +9.5% higher than the numbers registered one year ago.

The exceptional data collected in the previous month have been the result of Divertia's compromise, as well as other municipal areas, with the city's tourism deseasonalization, organizing high quality and highly attractive activities.

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