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Kitchen recipes

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  • Rice with free-range chicken

    Rice with free-range chicken


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    Free-range chicken (pitu de caleya) has firm red meat; if the chicken has white meat like ordinary chicken, then they are pulling one over on you.They are not easy to find and are usually fed a diet of corn, wheat and worms. They should be twelve months old, although the industrially bred ones are fattened in only three or four months before being served up, pleasingly plump, but insipid. If you really want to be picky, those in the know say that the best ones are those known as level-crossing chickens, the ones that wander around close to the railway tracks, because they get a lot of exercise running from the trains!
  • Fabada asturiana

    Fabada asturiana


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    Asturias is renowned as the best place in the world for making fabada. The Asturian fields and even the water that runs through our pipes are fundamental factors.Although many restaurateurs boast that they have their own special knack or know-how, there is no better guarantee of success than fine fabes, fine compango and lots of patience. The best beans are the variety known as "Faba de la Granja". These are white, smooth, kidney-shaped, fairly large and, of course, great for your health. If possible, get the ones that have the Designation of Origin seal. The black pudding must also be Asturian-style too, i.e. smoked.
  • Black sea bream in cider sauce

    Black sea bream in cider sauce


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    The black sea bream is a fish with very strong links to our region. Its resemblance to the white sea bream means that the two are usually confused and even sold indistinctively.So, a white sea bream is also valid for this recipe, which has the unmistakeable, personalised touch that cider affords with its tartness and flavour.
  • Alfonsino in a cider sauce with seaweed and king prawn oil

    Alfonsino in a cider sauce with seaweed and king prawn oil


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    (Rating average 2,98)

    This is a dish that is outstanding at the restaurant, but which you can do at home if you have a good hand for cooking, guaranteed to leave your guests speechless.
  • Spiny lobster and vegetables

    Spiny lobster and vegetables


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    (Rating average 2,98)

    This recipe can also be made with another kind of shellfish, such as common crab, spider crab or lobster, but it is unbeatable made with spiny lobster.
  • Hake fillets and clams

    Hake fillets and clams


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    (Rating average 3,03)

    In Asturias, the hake caught by hook and line is called "del pinchu". If you have the opportunity to obtain some fillets of this category for the recipe, don’t hesitate, buy them!
  • Steak Tartare

    Steak Tartare


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    (Rating average 3,00)

    This is, apparently, a simple dish to prepare. However, the difficulty lies in achieving just the right balance between the ingredients. That is, the flavour has to be correct, without the mustard or the Tabasco, or even the Worcestershire sauce, overwhelming the rest of the ingredients.If anything should stand out, that is the meat, which must of course be top quality, since when working with raw meat it is essential for it to be tender and not at all grizzled.
  • Mc loco hamburgers

    Mc loco hamburgers


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    (Rating average 2,97)

    Here we have an original, fun proposal that comes to show that not all hamburgers are the same. To start with, at La Malta del Loco, they make everything themselves, even the bread in this recipe.
  • Beef sirloin, smoked praia cheese and green apple infusion

    Beef sirloin, smoked praia cheese and green apple infusion


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    (Rating average 3,02)

    The excellent meats of Asturias give rise to classical as well as creative recipes, lending prime quality cuts, best simply grilled on the outside and juicy rare inside, and other cuts that most shine when accompanied, as is the case here.
  • Grilled venison loin with berries

    Grilled venison loin with berries


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    (Rating average 3,04)

    Although Asturias looks onto the sea, its green meadows and high mountains permit the presence of succulent meats on our are still plenty of cows, although their number is progressively diminishing. But there are still hundreds of sheep and goats to be found in the valleys, as well as wild boar and deer in the mountains.
Displaying 10 11 - 20 of 66 in total