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Kitchen recipes

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  • 35 th Anniversary tartar Gijón's

    35 th Anniversary tartar Gijón's


    (Votes count 545)

    (Rating average 3,02)

    The torte known as Tartar Gijón's, one of the most widespread and popular in the city, has just celebrated thirty-seven years since it was made famous, at a wedding of the Agoura family in 1971.Since then/From that moment, it did not take long in becoming popular and being served at the main restaurants of the time, such as La Pondala or La Zamorana.It is, without a doubt, one of the most typical and well-established desserts, although it has now become excessively industrialized and not all establishments offer it with the same degree of excellence. Here we present an updated version, designed to mark the anniversary of the torte.
  • Tartar Jovellanos

    Tartar Jovellanos


    (Votes count 561)

    (Rating average 3,02)

    In Gijón, we have always been very much given to defending what is ours and paying homage to those who have had a certain importance for the city.In this torte, there are references not only to the illustrious thinker, writer and jurist, Jove llanos, but also to our dried nuts, our apples and even to the wonderful honey that is made on the regions mountainsides.
  • King Pelayo's Torte

    King Pelayo's Torte


    (Votes count 539)

    (Rating average 3,00)

    Created in 2000, this torte is a reference to the region and its history. Its semi-spherical shape symbolizes the Asturian peaks and the apple slices, the rocks and crags. It is a homage to the hero of the Reconquest, to the fighting spirit of the people of this land.
  • Walnut and hazelnut brownie

    Walnut and hazelnut brownie


    (Votes count 560)

    (Rating average 2,96)

    Just looking at this photo can make you lose your senses and start to perceive an irrepressible desire to grab hold of the page and try and chew it.But dont do it, because its not an edible book and, whats more, youll end up without the ingredients and the explanation of how to make this scrumptious recipe, which is not too complicated if you make it with loving care.
  • Black forest

    Black forest


    (Votes count 530)

    (Rating average 3,01)

    The Black Forest Torte is one of the most traditional, simplest cakes to make at home.It is also a regular at the local patisseries, although the recipe has its origins in Germany. Lovers of chocolate and cream will really enjoy this recipe.
  • New Millennium Charlota

    New Millennium Charlota


    (Votes count 529)

    (Rating average 3,00)

    Here we have a reconstruction or sophistication which makes the presentation more attractive and loses none of the flavour. This constitutes an advance to be taken well into consideration, as it contributes something without losing the essence of the dish.
  • Light lemon coulis with lager mousse

    Light lemon coulis with lager mousse


    (Votes count 553)

    (Rating average 2,97)

    This is a spectacular dessert, both in terms of flavour and presentation, which will delight your guests, if you are daring enough to try this recipe.
  • Charlota



    (Votes count 556)

    (Rating average 3,02)

    One of Gijón typical desserts according to its traditional recipe.
  • Nut pie

    Nut pie


    (Votes count 564)

    (Rating average 2,99)

    Nuts, dried fruits of long tradition in Asturian cuisine and the main ingredient of the famous "casadielles" (walnut-filled pastries) are the stars of this pie, which is "to die for".
  • Gijón - style spring vegetable stew

    Gijón - style spring vegetable stew


    (Votes count 481)

    (Rating average 3,00)

    Gijón vegetable stew is one of the traditional dishes eaten with a spoon in Asturian tables making the most out of the natural spring time treats.
Displaying 10 21 - 30 of 66 in total