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Glossary of terms

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A baked dessert made from spelt wheat flour, yeast, salt and wheat flour.
Cornmeal, salt pork and egg rolled together.
Sweet fried bread. Slices of stale bread soaked in milk and flour and then fried. Occasionally, they are soaked in syrup or with liqueur.
Pitu Caleya
Free-range chicken. A chicken which has been free-range bred, in a village setting, and fed on natural produce. It has darker flesh, reddish in colour, and a very intense flavour.
Monkfish. A member of the family Lophiidae, it has a smooth meat, highly valued in Asturias.
Pote Asturiano
A rich stew made with fabes, potatoes, greens and compango.
A fish belonging to the family Scorpaenidae, similar to, but not exactly the same as, cabracho, although the names are used as synonyms. Eaten with patatines (baby or diced potatoes) or in a fish pâté loaf. It is one of the ugliest fish in the world, and has the greatest number of bones, although its flavour is incomparable.
Small corn pancakes browned in the frying pan, normally accompanied by fried eggs or picadillo (spicy slaughter pork), characteristic of the country cooking of yesteryear, but which are now making a comeback.
Ventrisca or ventrecha
Ventresca. This is one of the most prized parts of bonito tuna, served at the best restaurants in the borough during the summer. It is the meat covering the fish’s belly, which is very juicy and flavoursome when it is well prepared. The Royal Academy Spanish Dictionary includes three meanings. The term ventrisca is used in Asturias, and ventresca in Catalonia. The use of the latter name has spread over the rest of Spain.
Greenish-coloured beans smaller than the traditional faba. They are very creamy once cooked. They are usually accompanied by shellfish nowadays.
Xata roxa
Red veal.
Displaying 13 41 - 53 of 53 in total