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As the city leading representative institution, Gijón City Council is aware of the need to adopt a series of measures for the planning and management of the current tourism system which will ensure sustainable tourism development over time. Such measures ahould cover both present and futur needs qhile mantitaining cultural integrity, social cohesion and essential ecological processes. The City Council is accordingly committed  to promoting a tourism model based on sustainability, understood as the conjunction of the human development of the city's residents and the degree of environmental, cultural and socioeconomic sustainability of tourism activities.

The City of Gijón Responsible Tourism Policy has arisen within the context, assuming the principles of the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism. This policy has been the fruit of the 2012-2015 Gijón Tourism Action Plan, which adoted a set of principles and goals that will enable the city to move towards a systematic model in turn based on a model of sustainable development favourable to the environment, cultural diversity and social responsability.

The goals of the policy may be summarised as follows:

  • A vision of tourism not as a merely economic, closed and independent sector, but as a clearly across-the-board reality, understanding the city as an integral part its diverse economic, territorial, social and cultural aspects.
  • Improving and leveraging the possitive impact of the tourism activities carried out in the city and preventing and minimizing the negative impacts the may originate.
  • Acquiring an obligation and commitment to the satisfaction of both tourists and citizens alike, involving both parties in decision-making in questions of tourism and facilitating, as far as possible, the balance betwen the integration of visitors and respect for and coexistance alongside the city's residents.

Gijón is thus resolutely committed to working on consolidating its position as a differentiated, sustainable tourist destination and to acting as a reference in terms of innovation, quality and the environment.

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