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Deep sea fishing


The Cantabrian Sea is located at the southeast the North Atlantic Ocean. The Spanish province of Asturias is the region with most kilometers of coastline, and Gijón is the most important port. The Cantabrian waters, with variable surface temperatures between 11º and 22º Celsius, maintain a uniform temperature in the deeper layers, which favors the growth of cold water plants and sea life.

The possibility of obtaining a good catch at sea is constant during any season. The most caught fish in these waters are the "Bonito del Norte" (Tuna or Thunnus Alalunga) also known as Longfin Tuna, named after the side fin taht differentiates it clearly from other species of the same family. Fishing season runs between the months of July to October.

Outside the tuna season you can fish for: bream, hake, European sea bass, sargo (bream) and pout.

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Day 1:
  • Arrival at the airport of Asturias
  • Transfer to the hotel
  • Dinner
Day 2:
  • Transfer to the port
  • Fishing expedition
  • Catering on the boat
  • Transfer to the hotel
  • Dinner
Day 3:
  • Free in the morning
  • Lunch made of the catch from previous day
  • Guided visit to the center of the town
  • Dinner
Day 4:
  • Breakfast
  • Transfer to the airport of Asturias


Two persons: from 1,390 € per person
Four persons: from 1,190 € per person
Six persons: from 990 € per person
Eight persons: from 890 € per person

The package includes:
- Recreational fishing on the high sea on a catamaran Flash Cat 43, with a capacity of 8 persons and with specialized staff consisting of the captain and a sailor. The boat is equipped with the material and gear necessary for carrying out the activity. Including liability insurance.
- Tasting of the capture, cooked by a chef specialized in fish.
- High range hotels in the countryside or city, in a single room accommodation with breakfast.
- Lunchs and dinners (including two restaurants in Gijón with a Michelin Star).
- Guided visit to Gijón.
- Transfers.

more Information and reservations:

Brochure (pdf)

Deep sea fishing (video)