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The Way of St James

camino santiagoThe northernmost of St James roads, the coast road, winds through the green line that bathes the Cantabrian Sea and has one of its stops at the port city of Gijón. This pilgrimage route is part of St James network of itineraries and is known by the name of The Northern Route.

The Northern Route, distant from the overcrowding that the French Route now lives, remains an experience in solitude and in fusion with wild and fertile nature of colourful landscapes..

Gijón welcomes pilgrims to provide them with a resting place and a further stage of experience in their way.

In the tourism offices of InfoGijón you can get your accreditation for the Way.

Find here all the information about Deva Municipal Campsite Accommodation for Pilgrims.

There are three hotels inthe city that have exclusive services for the pilgrims.

These exclusive services are:

· Free WIFI

· Service of massage / physiotherapy

· Preparation of lunch bag

· Schedule adapted to the pilgrim.Breakfast and meals

· Laundry express services

· Transfer and luggage

· Isotonic drinks andenergy bars as a welcome gift

· Save bikes. Availabilityof basic spare parts

· Collection of pilgrimswho could not finish the stage and help

· Weather information service

· Transfer to the airport

· Local information from the Way

It is necessary to consultwith each hotel that all services are available and the price of services incase they are not included in the price.

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