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Tourist Card

cardThe GIJÓN CARD tourist pass places in your hands a wide range of facilities to make your stay among us more comfortable and pleasant, allowing you to combine to your liking, à la carte, the city's multiple offer of cultural and leisure activities and services.

We recommend that you start using the card first thing in the morning on the first day so as to explore all of its advantages.

What is the period of validity of the cards?

  • Gijón Card valid for 1 day. 10€
  • Gijón Card valid for 2 day. 12€
  • Gijón Card valid for 3 day. 15€
Consult rates for Family Card

Depending on the type of card purchased, it will expire at 12 midnight on the day, second day or third day after it is activated, except in the case of pubs.

How and when is it activated?

The cards are personal and non-transferable. You must specify the day or days on which you intend to use the card when you purchase it. When you are given the card, it will be personalised and activated to offer you services from the first day specified.

How do I use it?

  • The Gijón Card is a non-contact card.You only have to bring it close to the mechanical readers that you will find on municipal buses and at museums and your passage will be recorded.
  • Keep the card at hand during transit on buses. It constitutes your ticket and you may be asked to show it.You may also be asked to show it in other services that offer discounts so as to check its expiry date.
  • There is no refund in case of loss.
  • There is no refund of the amount paid in the case of not consuming the included services during the card's period of validity.
  • The shops offer a discount regardless of the form of payment (except for the specialised shop La Rebotica, which gives a 5% discount if you pay by credit card and Casa Gerardo, which gives a 10% discount on cash payments only), but discounts do not accumulate over other offers. In the case of sales or any special discounts in force, the shop is not obliged to give an added discount.
  • In the case of sales or any special discounts in force, the shop is not obliged to give an added discount.
  • To obtain the discount, the card holder must present it before paying. In the case of restaurants, the discount must be requested when asking for the bill.
  • Booking is advisable in restaurants, especially on weekends and days prior to public holidays.
  • The card's time limit in the case of pubs does not coincide with 12 midnight on the last valid day; the service is offered until the premises close. This is applicable for 1-day, 2-day and 3-day cards.

Where are they sold?

At the INFOGIJON (Municipal Tourist Information Service) info-points, where, as well as purchasing the card, you can obtain all the tourist information you need to enjoy your stay among us to the full. You can also request the card via our website: / information over the phone: +(34) 985 34 17 71 or via video call: +(34) 902 013 500.

Buy the Tourist Card online