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The craftsmen sell the products of their industry and the manufactured goods of their arts and trades," stated Jovellanos in the 18th century, after studying the first example he had before him: the crafts market of Gijón.

To the term artesanía (crafts), which, as we can see, has a godfather in Gijón and was introduced into our vocabulary in the 18th century, we should add the adjectives traditional and/or popular. The former is indicative of an inheritance that is still alive amongst us, and the latter of that which is afforded full validity by the people, whether inherited or not.
In Gijón we currently find exemplary references of traditional and popular crafts, craftsmen and craftswomen who work in the old ways, while also combining new ideas. The current-day artisan in Gijón is both restless and a seeker, and starting out from the traditional design of craft pieces and objects, seeks new forms, a personal aesthetic creation.

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Displaying 12 1 - 12 of 26 in total