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Botanic Gardens

- 17132_19619620099218.jpgA stroll trought The Botanic Gardens is a relaxing experience that will enable you see inspiring trees, bushes and hedgerows while breathing fresh air.

It is unique in kind. It has managed to combine its Atlantic location with a global, international vision, enabling it to merge a specific space rooted in this region of ours, in wich typical local species appear, with other, universal plants that must be present in any settings of this kind.

The Botanic Gardens are organised in four major areas: The Cantabrian Environment, La Isla Garden, The Plant Factory and The Atlantic Circuit. It is a delightful place, constantly different depending on the season you visit them. There are almost one hundred species of birds that gather around the gardens then come out of their nests to join together with their cawing and quacking and other songs and sounds to create a special atmosphere.

The Botanic Gardens are flavourful and sapid, because with each step you take you'll be assailed by a different fruit. The gardens constitute an intelligent ecosystem in constant flux and development, in wich the presence of water in the fountains and ponds takes on a leadind role.

Gijon's Botanic Gardens offer a long list of complementary activities, wich become especially intensive and varied during the summer. The music also occupies a special place in these gardens with the Concerts and open-air dancess (called verbenas), and languages also have their place with "The Boutique of Aromas".

A string of different fiestas are held here, too, althought four dates especially stand out of the year's calendar, those corresponding to the solstices and the equinoxes, wich identify the succesicve changes of season. Wine and the grape harvest will be paid tribute in mid-September, with attractive proposals that will allow you to taste firts-class winrs by the glass at affordable prices.

It is clear that The Botanic Gardens provide a must experience on any visit you make to Gijón. El Tragamón Oak Wood, with over 500 years of history, is one of the emblems of a botanic gardens that will teach you how to protect an love Nature, will help you relax and will make you more sensitive in the face of its grandeur and diversity.

Location and accesses

Gijón's Atlantic Botanic Gardens is located on the 632 main road, in the neighbourhood of the university campus and Universidad Laboral, only 3 kilometers away from the city center. The Garden has its own parking next to the entrance. An area located 200 meters away, opposite the Universidad Laboral, can be used as additional parking. Besides, there are various urban bus routes that allow an easy, fluid and direct accessto the reception building.

Lines 1,2,4,18 and 26, along with the special service called Micro 2 (this one only Mondays to Fridays, on working days) stop at "Cruce de Santurio", next to the Botanic Gardens main entrance.

Address: Avda. del Jardín Botánico, s/n (Font of Laboral University)
Telephone: + 34 985 18 51 30 / + 34 985 18 51 32
Fax: + 34 985 13 06 85
Days closed: On Mondays, January 1, December 24, 25 and 31.