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Asturian mixed cheese salad


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Asturias is home to some of the best cheeses in the country. Although this recipe includes a lot of ingredients and several working fronts open at the same time, it just involves concentrating on what you are doing and tasting things to see if they have been well prepared.


Start by melting the cheese with the cream to make the foam. Afuegal Pitu is one of the most original and particular cheeses in the region. It can be found fresh or cured, cylindrically shaped (due to being formed in a mould) or cloth-textured (because it has been kept under a cloth). And if that were not assortment enough, there is a white variety and a red variety (the difference is that the latter has had paprika added to it, which gives it a salmon-like colour). The fresh white variety is best for this recipe. Once melted, cool in the fridge (put it in a siphon, if you have one).

For the mousse, melt the Cabrales with the cream, let it cool and then mix it with the half-whipped cream until achieving a suitable texture. The cheese biscuit is very easy to make. You only need to be careful in choosing a very thin slice of Ahumado de Pría, a smoked cheese from Eastern Asturias that is appropriate for this operation as it does not crumble easily. Place the slice between baking paper and bake for six minutes at 100º C.

Finally, you now need only make the vinaigrette. Dice the pineapple, mushroom and goat cheese in one centimetre cubes and mix with the oil and vinegar. The cheese can be Varé or La Chivita, for example. Lay out the ingredients on a plate around the lettuce, leaving space between them so as not to mix flavours, and place the Ahumado de Pría biscuit in the Cabrales mousse.

Where to try it

This is one of the starters you can find at the restaurant Ciudadela.
Asturian mixed cheese salad
  • 1 bouquet of lettuce (lollo rosa, escarole, lamb’s lettuce, etc.)
  • >For the Afuega’l Pitu foam:
  • 100 gr. Afuega’l Pitu cheese
  • 400 gr. whipping cream
  • For the Cabrales mousse:
  • 150 gr. Cabrales cheese
  • 250 gr. cream
  • 500 gr. half-whipped cream
  • Ahumado de Pría biscuit:
  • 1 thin slice of smoked Pría cheese
  • For the vinaigrette:
  • 50 gr. Asturian goat cheese
  • 25 gr. pineapple
  • 25 gr. Boletus Edulis
  • Modena vinegar
  • Virgin olive oil
Category Salads