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Warm squid noodle salad with iberian cured ham vinaigrette


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Salads, usually available at all restaurants, make a magnificent starter and provide us with very healthy nutrients.


The first thing to do in this case is to prepare the concasse. Scald the tomato in boiling water so that it is easy to peel. Get rid of the pips and dice the remaining flesh. Then sauté sliced garlic clove, adding the tomato before the garlic browns, along with a tablespoon of sugar, salt and plenty of oil. For the Iberian cured pork vinaigrette, finely dice some Iberian cured ham, brown it in the pan and stir-fry with a little garlic. After a minute, add two tablespoons of combined meat-and-vegetable stock, leave to reduce and set aside. Meanwhile, sauté the onion in another pan.

To make noodles from the squid, clean a large squid, tightly wrap it in kitchen film and place it in the freezer. When it is hard, take it out of the freezer, take off the film and finely slice the squid (excellent results are achieved using a cold meats slicer). Now you only need to lightly oil a frying pan so that the squid noodles do not stick to it as you brown them to an appealing golden colour. But do this when the salad is just ready to serve, as squid tends to get tough as it cools.

Use a metal mould to help "assemble" the dish, placing the lettuce at the bottom, after having dressed it separately in a bowl. It is important to press the lettuce down with a spoon so that spaces do not remain which may cause problems when removing the mould. Then place the onion, followed by the concasse (warm, not hot) and finally the squid noodles, which will look nice and shiny and golden. Dress with the Iberian cured ham vinaigrette and top off with the diced ham.

Where to try it

Not only will you surprise your guests with this dish, as so expertly prepared at Llagar Trabanco, but they will also thoroughly enjoy it.
Warm squid noodle salad with iberian cured ham vinaigrette
  • 300 gr. squid
  • 200 gr. mixed colour lettuce
  • 70 gr. onion
  • 20 gr. tomato concasse
  • 20 gr. Iberian cured ham vinaigrette
Category Salads