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Sautéed fresh king prawns and suckling lamb sweetbreads


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King prawns have many enthusiasts in the region, as demonstrated by their presence in many dishes at Gijón’s restaurants. On this occasion, we shall develop a creative element by adding suckling lamb sweetbreads and an autumn mushroom, the "trumpet of death" or Craterellus Cornucopioides, which, although it has a complex name is not difficult to find on the market.


Start off by making the creamed potato. Boil the potatoes, drain, add the previously boiled cream, a knob of butter and blend, preferably in a Thermomix, it does a great job.

Bleed the sweetbreads in iced water for two hours, clean them well and flash fry with a dash of virgin olive oil. Then remove the pan from the heat to simply warm the trumpet mushrooms.

The first thing to do with the king prawns is to peel them raw, without forgetting to set aside the heads to use for flavour in a soup, for instance. You now only need to flash fry the prawns in a little olive oil until they are just done, slightly golden on the outside, but rare inside, so that they conserve the best of their texture.

If you wish to fuss over the presentation of this dish, place a couple of tablespoons of creamed potato on the bottom of a deep dish with the sweetbreads on top followed by some lamb stock. Then, top off with the trumpet mushrooms and flash-fried king prawns and decorate the dish with dash of extra virgin olive oil, chopped chives and a sprig of rosemary.

Where to try it

This is a dish that is sure to cause a sensation with guests, as occurs at the restaurant La Solana, where this starter is so brilliantly prepared.
Sautéed fresh king prawns and suckling lamb sweetbreads
  • 12 fresh king prawns
  • 300 gr. suckling lamb sweetbreads
  • 200 gr. "trumpet of death" mushrooms
  • 2 potatoes
  • Cream
  • Butter
  • Suckling lamb stock
Category Meats